You are here either because you followed a link from one of my projects, or I met you last night and drunkenly exchanged numbers followed by me excitedly sending you lots of unintelligible texts for which I apologize profusely. Either way, welcome!
As it says in the header, I'm Peder Jørgensen. I'm from the cold and windy country of Norway, from the even more cold and windy city of Vadsø. Far far north. My mother was a teacher and my father was a polar bear. I've studied in Liverpool and live in Oslo now. I do music, sound design and coding. I've put a few picures of me in this photo gallery under here for your enjoyment.
I do production and mixing. Lately It's been more and more mixing. Here are a few tracks I'm happy with.
Kid Astray
No easy way out
The Wombats
Wired Differently
Team Me
Weathervanes and Chemicals
Jennifer Davies
Eye Emma Jedi
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Ludwig Moon
Rainbow Wolf
Fortunate ones
Casa Murilo
State Kuban
Compulsive Liar
Lady Moscow
Heroes of the sum
Heidi Marie Vestrheim
Who's to blame
Romantic dinner for three
Something Sally
Tip of my tongue feat. Joss Stone
Captain and princess
Legs are electric
Coding has become quite the passion for me, and I've always got a few projects running. Here are the things I've done.
The best sound effects app you will ever encounter! Drag and drop sound effects from the cloud straight into Pro tools, Final cut, Avid, etc etc. A massive under taking to make this app for Mac and Pc. It has become quite popular in it's field. At least here in Norway. We are going international now, so get ready to be internationalized, Soundly. Read more at the Soundly website
InspiroBot is an online artificial intelligence that generates unique inspirational quotes and slaps it on an inspirational picture. Like the quotes people like to share on Facebook. It can get a bit dark, and it is spreading like gluten intolerance through the dark corners of the internets. Visit InspiroBot at
I feel so evil for making this. It basically helps you find out if your girlfriend or boyfriend are reading your texts. Lot's of couples has probably broken up because of this cause it has sold lots and lots. Check out the iTrust video (It's a bit old) here and search for it in the app store if you want it.
Get Home
Get Home
Why make a music video when you can make a music video game. This little 8bit style flash game I made with my brother for the song Weathervanes and Chemicals by the band Team me. It became quite popular and has more than 1 million plays around on the internets. you can play it here on kongregate
Spaceball 2000
Spaceball 2000
A fun and free little puzzle game for Mac, Pc and Linux. Cern starts up it's particle accelerator which creates a black hole the earth is sucked into. Your goal is to navigate the earth back to our beloved solar system. Get it at the Spaceball 2000 website
If you're wondering where in Norway you are right now, Steder-API will let you know without using GPS, it will also tell you a bit about the place and what the weathers like right now. Check it out at the Steder-API website (In Norwegian)
A website where you can search for movies on topics. I made it to dig into the world of database driven dynamic websites. It became quite useful and had 10 000 visitors monthly at it's peak, but right now it's slowly dying. Go there to find movies about cats or robots or time travel or, space, aliens, serial killers, or anything you'd like.
Sound design
I do sound design and music for TV and radio adds, and regular non add film and TV.
ZAP - Sound design
Lofoten sushi - Music, Sound design
Djuice 'Dilemma' campaign - Sound design
Reaping for dumies - Sound design
Canal Digital Mr.Box campaign - Sound design
Tine - Music mix
Farris - Music, Sound design
Apotekforeningen - Sound design
Ikea, old furniture campaign - Sound design
Djuice 'Fail' campaign - Sound design
PS3 Move - Music, Sound design
Djuice 'Clayphone 65T' - Sound design
Djuice 'Deal' campaign - Sound design
Lofoten - Sound design
Telenor - Sound design
Freia - Sound design